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"Through plant hunting a web has spun out from Cally Gardens
to the furthest corners of the world"

Since 1987, Michael Wickenden, owner and manager of Cally gardens, has travelled widely to study, photograph and introduce new plants into cultivation.

In the Salween (Nu) Valley,
near the Tibetan border, June 2000

Expeditions to date

All expeditions 1-3 months in duration.

• 1987 Andes Mountains, Chile/Argentina
• 1989 Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda/Zaire
• 1991 Mountains of Tasmania & New Zealand
• 1993 Central Highlands of Irian Jaya, New Guinea
• 1995 Ussuriland, Russian Far East
• 1997 South Africa, Lesotho, and return to Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda
• 1999 Nurseries and Mountains of Japan
• 2000 N.W. Yunnan, China, spring.
• 2001 N.W. Yunnan, China, summer.
• 2003 Mishmi Hills, Arunachal Pradesh, N. E. India.
• 2005 Mountains of central and southern Ecuador.
• 2006 Bale Mts., Ethiopia and return to Rwenzori Mts., Uganda.
• 2007 Return to Mishmi Hills, Arunachal Pradesh, N. E. India.
• 2008 Dulong Valley, Yunnan, China.
• 2010  Dulong/Salween divide, Yunnan, China.

Photo diary of China expedition, 2001

Selected wild collected material

birds vignette

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